familyThank you for your contribution to Judge Christian’s campaign. Every dollar will help inform the electorate about why Judge Christian is the right candidate for the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Contributions are also accepted by mail. Please make checks payable to “Campaign to Elect Judge Lori Christian” and mail to:

Elliot Davis, LLC

Attn: John Lunsford, Treasurer

5410 Trinity Road, Suite 320

Raleigh, NC 27607


Just as a reminder, under North Carolina law, political committees must record the name, mailing address, job title or profession, and the name of employer for each individual whose aggregate contribution is in excess of $50 in an election cycle. Further, the maximum aggregate contribution allowed by NC law is $5,000 per election cycle. Please note that, contributions to political campaigns are not tax deductible, and there is no prohibition on registered lobbyists contributing to judicial candidates. While cash donations are appreciated, please do not mail cash donations to the campaign address. Thank you!

For questions or for more information, please email

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